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Life Bits & Bites 2

{Race} weekend is here! Getting ready to head to “O-town” tomorrow morning for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  This is my first Disney race and there is food and wine involved, what’s not to be excited about.  So lately, in my life, this is…

The road I’ve been pounding often.  Preparing and catching up on my miles for the race.  With clear skies and chilly winds, there is nothing like me, the road and my audio book.


A very unstructured training.  Hence the “catching up with my miles” comment.  This race really sort of crept up on me, and I think there is more “Wine and Dine” in my mind than “Half Marathon”.  Pray for me.


A well-deserved rest.  After taking so much abuse, my legs can really appreciate a rest, a warm croissant and a dark roast with 2 pumps of pumpkin spice and cream.  Look!  The red cup is here!


What last weekend looked like.  Very different from what this weekend will look like: running 13.1 miles, in the dark, in cold weather.


The beach in November.  Gotta love this town.


Last weekend’s shopping.  Of this kind.  I was so tempted to take them all, but I didn’t.


My new fave pair of Fall shoes.  Can’t beat the price.  Of course, I broke them in while baking.


Our “I voted today” pic.  Yeah I know, old news.


My elections day meal. We made a whole event out of the day and went to downtown Homestead {a predominant Mexican town} for some Mexican food, not the most authentic spot, but enjoyed some tacos al pastor and the beans were perfection.


The beauty of living in a “melting pot”.  From Mexican to Amish farm.  Knaus Berry Farm in the Redlands is a “u-pick” strawberry farm with a mean bakery that makes di-best cinnamon rolls with molasses glaze.  Strawberries are not ready for picking until the end of December, but baked goods were well worth the trip.


My fave foodie find.  This gluten-free pizza crust, which I am pretty obsessed with right now.  Obviously the gluten-free fact is not a requirement for me, but the fact that I can make pizza with batter rather than with dough that has to be kneaded, scraped and rolled won me over!


I just spread it on a baking sheet, cooked per package directions and made this white pizza. Yum!


A special celebration today.  For the love of my life.  The one I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with and grow old next to.

“To see a young couple loving each other is no wonder, but to see an old couple loving each other is the best sight of all” - William Makepeace Thackeray


The great food blogger cookie swap.  Found out about it just on time before it closed and I am in!  Got my 3 secret matches and supported a good cause… let the baking begin!

Also, there is…

The “virtual book club” I will be joining.  Really excited about this book.

The post that made me laugh And wonder if this is how I will be looking at my recipes 20 years from now.

The smoothie I really want to try.  Have this fig obsession going on lately.

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